Why frozen meats are cheap in Singapore

Singaporeans have been trying their best to maintain the frozen chicken and pork - the two most well-known meats here - as they search for approaches to raise their business in these sectors. In the ongoing time the Prices of frozen meats can associate with 50 percent lower than that of their fresh products as they are simpler to packaging and have a longer time to keep stored.


At Giant's Turf City outlet, solidified boneless pork loin from Brazil costs $10.50 a kg. The new form from Australia costs $15.80 a kg. At NTUC FairPrice in Jurong East, chilled chicken from Malaysia costs $8.50 per kg. Solidified chicken wings from Brazil are $8.70 for each 1.95kg.

The price gap between fresh meat and frozen meat Singapore might be the main power pushing up interest here, yet suppliers raise the questions to another reason: more improvement should be provided in freezing technology. Chung Suan Lim, leader of the Meat Traders' Association (Singapore), said that "blast freezing - where things are solidified in a split second after butcher to keep up a level of freshness - is currently spreading battery in the industry. He included that the distinction in costs will keep on extending. Be that as it may, solidified hamburger has not had a similar accomplishment as shoppers will in general view the meat as a superior item and incline toward the new form.


Figures from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) confirm more gain more customer to solidified meats. Frozen pork utilization here has increased from 57,600 tons in 2008 to 71,900 tons a year ago. Utilization of frozen pork fell by 1,700 tons to 35,900 tons in the same time period.


Nearby utilization of frozen chicken has bounced from 94,500 tons in 2008 to 105,200 tons a year ago, like the incessantness in utilization of chilled chicken in rate terms. Then again, frozen hamburger utilization tumbled from 15,800 tons in 2008 to 13,600 tons a year ago. The office traits the pattern to a limited extent to its Frozen Meat Public Education Program propelled in mid-2008. The program has a few points to urge customers to eat progressively frozen meat and shippers to acquire increasingly solidified produce, and to decrease Singapore's reliance on frozen products.


Earlier this month, there were beginning worries about fresh pork supply to Singapore when specialists at an Indonesian pig farm went on seven days in length strike. The farm is the sole provider of live pigs to Singapore. Chilled and solidified pork items are imported from nations, for example, Australia and Brazil. The AVA information is likewise reflected in the rising offers of such meats at general stores. At FairPrice, offers of frozen pork hopped by more than 45 percent a year ago. Other grocery store chains - like Sheng Siong and Cold Storage - have detailed expanded interest for frozen meats like pork and chicken.

Shoppers like Mrs. Cherie Teo, 45, began utilizing frozen minced pork and frozen chicken meat to prepare suppers a year ago. Mrs. Cherie also describe "I more often than purchase the chicken and minced pork with sauce and different things. The frozen ones are less expensive and you can't taste the differences," said the mother of two. "Yet, for hamburger, despite everything we take new."



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